IMPORTANT NOTICE    There is a booking agency passing themselves off as Lewes Taxis. They trade as TAXICODE and WEB3R. They have the web domain lewestaxi.co.uk. Please note that we, at the real Lewes Taxis, established 1991, with our web address of lewestaxis.co.uk (taxis not taxi), has nothing to do with this outfit that is trading off of our good name. Taxicode/Web3R are a booking agent, not a taxi company and they are most certainly not based in Lewes, Sussex. It is unfortunate, but true, that many customers have booked with them in error, when they thought they were booking with the real LEWES TAXIS 48-32-32. Subsequently, we have received numerous communications and many customer complaints relating to last minute cancellations and difficulty in obtaining their refunds from Taxicode/web3r. Please be aware of this and exercise caution when making your taxi bookings. Thankyou. Wayne, MD, Lewes & District Taxis Ltd, est 1991.


Lewes Taxis are based in Lewes, the historic county town of East Sussex. Established 1st January 1991, now in our twenty eighth year, and still providing a 'Prompt & Helpful' service.
We can provide four, six and eight seater vehicles anytime, subject to availability. We can also provide a wheelchair accesible minibus service, and it is recomended to book and pay for these several days in advance.

Operating hours for Taxi bookings is 24/7 providing our drivers are available for bookings made with enough notification. Our network of independent drivers, working together, all answer the phones and manage the bookings virtually allday, and continue to take calls into the small hours. They start from the time of the days first booking, right through until the last booking has been taken care of. Exceptions are the evening of November the 5th, Lewes is  closed to traffic. Taxis cannot operate between 1630 and 2330, service resumes when the town reopens around midnight. Christmas (25th, 26th)and New year (31st, 1st) bookings must be booked and paid for at least 24 hours in advance, as we do not run a full service during these holiday periods.


All of our vehicles are licensed and tested six monthly for Public and Private Hire.  Most of our vehicles have leather seats and privacy glass for that extra comfort. Our 8 seater vehicles can carry upto a dozen cases, plus of course, 8 passengers. Our minibus is accessible for up to five wheelchairs. All vehicles, especially the minibuses get booked up, so please reserve early to avoid disappointment.

fare table icon

maximum fare tariff for hackney carriages

The fares apply to all hirings within Lewes District Area. Journeys ending outside the Lewes area may not exceed the authorised metered fare unless a prior contract is made with the driver at the time of hiring.

The table below shows the metered rates set by Lewes District Council for Hackney Carriages since April 2015.

approx metered faresdaytime rate: 0700hrs - 2259hrssunday rate: 0700hrs - 2259hrsnightime 2300hrs - 0659hrs and bank holidayschristmas 2000hrs 24/12 - 0700hrs 27/12 new year 2000hrs 31/12 - 0001hrs 2/1multiseat rate: 5 - 8 passengers
minimum charge £3.00 3.70 4.60 6.00 plus 50% for all journeys
1 mile journey £4.10 £4.80 £5.70 £8.20
2 mile journey £6.30 £7.00 £7.90 £12.60
for each mile after 2 miles £2.20 £2.20 £2.20 £4.40
3 mile journey £8.50 £9.20 £10.10 £17.00
5 mile journey £12.90 £13.60 £14.50 £25.00
10 mile journey £23.90 £24.60 £25.50 £47.80
waiting time per 40 seconds £0.20 £0.20 £0.30 £0.40
soiling charge £100.00 £100.00 £100.00 £100.00 £100.00

Fixed Prices

Lewes Taxis operate fixed price charging for all Private Hire, Pre-paid, Contract and out of district bookings.

Carriage of children

The maximum number of persons the vehicles are licenced to carry includes children of any age.


A person who hires this vehicle and makes off without payment of the full fare commits an offence under section 3 of the theft act of 1978


If you have a complaint, please submit your complaint in writing to

The Manager, Lewes & District Taxis Ltd.

112 Malling St, Lewes, East Sussex. BN7 2RG