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IMPORTANT NOTICE    There is a booking agency passing themselves off as Lewes Taxis. They trade as TAXICODE and WEB3R. They have the web domain lewestaxi.co.uk. Please note that we, at the real Lewes Taxis, established 1991, with our web address of lewestaxis.co.uk (taxis not taxi), has nothing to do with this outfit that is trading off of our good name. Taxicode/Web3R are a booking agent, not a taxi company and they are most certainly not based in Lewes, Sussex. It is unfortunate, but true, that many customers have booked with them in error, when they thought they were booking with the real LEWES TAXIS 48-32-32. Subsequently, we have received numerous communications and many customer complaints relating to last minute cancellations and difficulty in obtaining their refunds from Taxicode/web3r. Please be aware of this and exercise caution when making your taxi bookings. Thankyou. Wayne, MD, Lewes & District Taxis Ltd, est 1991.

Can you take wheelchair passengers?

Yes, we have always been able to assist passengers that can transfer from wheelchair to vehicle seat. We also have a minibus that can carry passengers in their wheelchairs. We have all the necessary harnesses and safety restraints for a safe and comfortable journey. We can also provide DBS  checked chaperones if required. However, Wheelchair accessible vehicles should be booked well in advance to avoid disappointment.

What do the escorts do?

Escorts or Chaperones, supervise passengers with limited mobility or special needs and ensure that a safe journey is had by all. The Escort also assists the driver with any equipment that needs to be transported and assembled, such as wheelchairs and walking aids.

Can I become an escort for Lewes Taxis?

There is a small waiting list, but there is also some form filling to be done. Please send an email to wayne@lewestaxis.co.uk requesting an escort application and we will send you an application form.

I'm not familiar with the airport or meeting procedure. What if I can't find my Taxi outside?

Firstly, try phoning 01273 48~32~32. You may be looking in the wrong area. If you have provided a mobile phone number, then the driver would usually call you on arrival at the airport. If you have 'checked in' luggage, your driver would be scheduled to arrive at the airport approximately 40 minutes after your flight has landed.  If you only have hand baggage, the driver would usually be waiting for you outside the terminal, 10 minutes after your flight has landed. Once you are outside, if you have not made contact with your driver, or received a voice message on your mobile phone, then please call the main number on 01273 48~32~32. Select option 3 for your driver direct, then the three digit driver number, advised at time of booking. This should connect you directly to your driver. 

All the airports and terminals are different, so where do we meet the driver?

The general rule to remember is at the set down point. We meet our customers outside and no longer use the expensive airport car parks. If we took you to the airport, we would collect in same area as drop off.

Ignore Airport signs for 'taxis this way' e.t.c. We do not wait with the airport taxis, they have their own rank area. We do not wait inside the Arrival lounges either. Unless arrangements have been made to meet elsewhere, we are outside with the taxi.

What if my flight is late, will i have to pay waiting time?

No, not because your flight is late! As we are constantly checking landing times, we won't be waiting around the airport for a flight that hasn't landed. However, our charges only include a reasonable amount of waiting time allowance. In all cases, we do need to hear from you, within 1 hour of your flight landing. If we do not, the Taxi may depart without you. If telephone contact is made with your driver within 1 hour of flight landing, and you are unavoidably delayed within the airport system, waiting charges may be applied, if
1) you have informed us at time of booking that you will be 'checking in' luggage, and 90 minutes after flight landing, you have not boarded the taxi.
2) you have informed us at time of booking that you only have handbaggage, and 45 minutes after flight landing, you have not boarded the taxi. Waiting time is payable to the driver at the current rates, for each fifteen minute period, or part there of.

I'm catching a train to Lewes and would like a taxi to meet me. Where should I wait?

In all cases, it is best to agree a preffered meeting place with driver at time of booking. It is worth considering the following suggestions; If you are arriving on the train from London, it arrives on platform one, by the station car park. This is the best place to meet, as you get off the train, literally down a few steps, into the car park and your taxi will be waiting. If your coming in on another platform, it's just as easy to meet at the main entrance to the station. Come out of the main station entrance, turn left, and wait by the post box, by the dry cleaners. There may be several taxis waiting there, but only one will be waiting for you. Please confirm with the driver that you have got the correct taxi.